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“After 10 years living with bad body odor, I’m finally free!”

– Ayaka Izumi, 28, Niigata –

” I’ve had ETS 2 times to treat my sweating and body odor, however, the results don’t last long. The doctor claim that my hormones aren’t really stable so the odor soon to return and getting worse. I was so desperated when I first try Hebora. But it surprises me! It’s more than I expected. I’m still sweating but there’s no odor at all. Even after heavy exercises, I still feel refreshing and comfortable. That make me really confident. “


“The most satisfied moment is when you accidently walk across the mirror and find yourself stunning!”

– Mayumi Tanaka, 38, Nagoya –

” I spend 2man to buy Hebora Collagen and it’s worthy. After pregrancy, my skin looks terrible. Wrinkles, fineline and even hyperpigmentation are everywhere. So I started to skincare, but I personally think drink is better than apply in on the skin, it’s more stable I believe. And I think it’s true because my skin is now brighter, smoother more hydrated and much firmer. “


“At 40s, I am confident about my looks!”

– Rica Matsumoto, 44, ChiHba –

” After I turn 40, I depend a lot on make up, it is quite common for woman at this age. But after using Hebora collagen for a while, well, I think my skin is glowing, healthier and firmer now. My make up is lighter and sometimes I just use lipstick and leave my face naturally. I mostly use collagen for beauty purpose, but maybe after continuing drink collagen, my health will also be improved. “