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Hebora Platinum Youth Drink
Hebora Platinum Youth Drink

Hebora Platinum Youth Drink

Controls the formation of Melanin, effectively helps to fade dark spots, melasma, and dark spots, helping to brighten and evenly tone the skin.

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– Increases the proliferation of new healthy stem cells while restoring damaged cells.

– Promotes collagen synthesis to help fade wrinkles, increase elasticity, rejuvenate and improve skin cell structure.

– Controls the formation of Melanin, effectively helps to fade dark spots, melasma, and dark spots, helping to brighten and evenly tone the skin.

– Enhance immunity, improve physical condition and resistance, reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

– Improve memory and sleep, reduce stress to help keep the mind alert and refreshed.

– Stabilizes hormones, supports premenopausal signs and enhances physiological health for men and women.

– Detoxify the body, control metabolism well, support weight loss and keep in shape.

– Detox, purify body odor.

450,000 mg of supramolecular placental stem cells from Miyazaki pigs:
Increases the proliferation of new healthy stem cells, while restoring damaged cells. Reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates and improves skin cell structure. Reduce melanin and support skin whitening.

Bird’s nest essence:
Is an ingredient that brings many benefits to the skin and health such as: Makes the skin white, smooth, bright and healthy, improves skin defects; Quickly reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity; Supports improving memory and sleep, increasing vitality and physical condition for both men and women.

Fermented fruits and vegetables (Enzymes):
Brightens skin, reduces dark spots, increases skin moisture and elasticity. Enhances collagen and elastin production. Detoxifying the skin helps prevent acne. Preventing and controlling skin diseases caused by toxins in the body, regulating endocrine in the body.

Royal jelly extract:
Thanks to modern production technology according to high quality international standards, almost absolute purity, no impurities, helps strongly fight inflammation and repair damaged skin tissue. Improve cardiovascular health, support weight loss and increase resistance.

Coenzyme Q10:
It is one of the few active ingredients that the Japanese apply in the fields of aesthetics and beauty because of its wonderful effects such as: Strong anti-oxidation, absolute protection of the skin from harmful environmental factors. , effectively treats acne and scars.

Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extract:
It is the only flower used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Helps skin become bright white, evenly colored, and smooth. Supports detox and purifies body odor.

Extract of rose buds and rosehip buds:
Soothes skin, prevents rashes and allergies. Moisturizes and restores sensitive, damaged skin from deep within. Supports reducing blood fat, lowering cholesterol, enhancing liver and kidney function for people with weak health.

Artichoke buds:
Possessing outstanding antioxidant content helps quickly improve the immune system, prevent skin aging, protect the heart as well as prevent cancer cells from growing inside the body.

Pineapple essence:
Contains large amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A to help prevent and slow down the aging process. Helps neutralize free radicals for brighter, healthier, more even-toned skin.

Mangosteen Extract:
Supports acne treatment and improves skin pigmentation. Supports detoxification and effectively purifies body odor.

Intended use:
– People with sensitive, easily irritated skin, or have just undergone invasive treatment

– Skin is rough, sagging, has many wrinkles, or begins to appear melasma, freckles, premature aging…

– People who need to treat acne and nourish bright, even-toned skin

– Women entering menopause, premenopause, postpartum women or people with hormonal decline.

– Men and women need to improve physiological function.

– Pregnant or breastfeeding women need to restore their health, improve their health, and take care of their beauty in a safe and benign way without affecting the fetus or the quality of breast milk.

– Elderly people need to improve body functions, increase resistance, improve health, and improve memory.

– People who need to purify the body, reduce fatigue and stress.

– People who need to control weight, stay in shape, or people who exercise at high intensity and need to recover their body and physical strength quickly.

User manual:
– Shake well before using. Take 16g a day (equivalent to 1 bag)

– Pregnant and lactating women use 5 – 10ml per day.

– Store in a cool place, no direct light, temperature below 27 degrees.

– Should maintain regular use or at least a course of 3 consecutive boxes/year.

– Cases undergoing medical treatment should consult a doctor before use.

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